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Best-Way Wood Heat, Inc.

Best-Way Wood Heat, Inc. has been in the business of sales, service of Heatmor Outdoor Wood Stove since 1994. We have heated our home with our Heatmor outdoor wood boiler since that time and will attest to our products efficiency and durability.

While other manufacturers had to re-invent their products to meet the EPA's Phase II emission level, Heatmor only needed to modify their proven design. Tried, Tested & Proven! Our over/under draft allows the use of unseasoned wood which allows our design to stand apart from all other stoves.

The Heatmor Limited Lifetime is also the strongest on the market. No gimmicks, no special maintenance requirements that would void your warranty. View more on our warranty on every product page for more information.

If you feel like we do, and want to step away from fossil fuel dependence and start saving some money, then give us a call! Let us help find the right stove to truly make your home warm all winter long.

~Best-Way Wood Heat