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Heatmor 350 X Series Wood Boiler

Outdoor Wood Boiler 350 X Series

The Best-Way Wood Heat outdoor wood boiler represents the culmination of over a year of research and development in the design of an outdoor furnace that meets the Heatmor exceptional standards of convenience, durability & reliability at the same time meeting the strict emission standard established by the US EPA OQHH Voluntary Program. What truly makes the 350 X stand out is the fact that it is designed and manufactured with the same tried and true methods that has made Best-Way & Heatmor a leader in the industry for over 25 years.

Using breakthrough technology, the Heatmor Response & Response Model 350 X uses all the same pieces and parts from our current stoves including a custom designed combustion system. Except we added a high efficiency flue to the 350 X so you get the most heat from your wood. There is no catalytic converter, no hard to run downdraft system, it is simply our custom designed airflow combined with a high efficiency flue to give while offering the customer solid assurance in a tried and tested quality product.

We are so confident that the Heatmor 350 X is the most efficient stove that we made the firebox smaller. You WILL burn less wood. We are also so confident in the quality design and construction of the Response models that we stand behind them with the Heatmor Limited Lifetime Warranty (see below).

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Performance Features

  • Over/Under Forced Air Draft - increases efficiency of burn over natural draft systems
  • The Double Door Design - provides preheated air to be drawn into the over/under forced air draft system increasing the efficiency of the burn.
  • Firebrick Lined Firebox allows for a hotter, more complete burn.
  • Ash Auger Chamber & Cast Iron Grates in the firebox provide efficient combustion that burns wood into a find ash providing for easy ash removal.
  • High Efficiency Exit Flue - so you get the most heat from your wood.
  • Rear Access Door - for easy access of plumbing, maintenance and AQUASTATS. Aquastats are used to regulate the temperature of the water.
  • Bladder System - reduces water loss.

Safety Features

  • UL tested and approved
  • Outer Door Locks - prevent unwanted access.
  • Our Non-Pressurized System - prevents pressure build-up in the water jacket and increases safety.
  • Insulated Outer & Inner Firebox Door - provide cool surfaces for extra safety protection when accessing the firebox.
  • Anti-Rollout Device & Inner Door Safety Latch reduce flashback when opening furnace door.
  • The Attractive Insulated Housing (R-19 Sides, R-38 Roof) protects electrical and plumbing components while providing cool surfaces for children or a passerby. Fiberglass insulation is non-flammable (Unfaced insulation passes ASTM E 136 test for non-combustibility.)
  • Relief Vent - utilizes a weighted rubber stop to prevent pressure build-up in water jacket and greatly reduces evaporation.

Commitment to Quality

  • EPA Approved, Phase 2 (SSR2) emissions level (EPA Phase 1 & 2 level)
  • Water-Cooled Firebox Door - eliminates warpage and increases heat transfer to water
  • Over/Under Forced Air Draft - increases efficiency of burn over natural draft systems
  • Double door system - Preheats air drawn into furnace and protects against unwanted access
  • Ash Auger System - easily accessible from the rear, for convenient ash removal

Convenience Features

  • Smoke, ash & wood mess is outside the home.
  • Can use unsplit wood up to 24" (ideal length 16") (load wood front to back)
  • Long Burn Times - load pellets in the internal hopper no more than twice a day.
  • Large water-cooled firebox door allows for easy loading
  • Wired for easy electrical hook-up (110v)
  • Multiple hook ups allow you to heat more than one building/heating system from the same furnace including your home, domestic hot water, swimming pool, hot tub, garage, workshop, greenhouse or farm shop.
  • Ash auger system provides for easy removal of ash from the rear of the furnace. With a Heatmor, you are never required to shovel out ashes or hot coals. No need to let fire burn out to remove ashes.
  • Water level indicator
  • Water Temperature Display.

We are often asked which colors are available for our products. One great feature is that you can choose from 22 attractive colors to choose from at NO ADDITIONAL COST! This allows you to create an attractive color combination that complements the color scheme of existing buildings such as your home, garage, shop etc. To see the name of the color, simply hover over the image.

You can choose from our 22 different color choices as seen here for the siding. The trim and roof of the unit are black.

Colors may vary due to monitor resolution. For an actual color swatch, please contact us for an actual example.

*Camouflage available on residential models only and subject to surcharge.


Our Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers defects in materials as well as both corrosion and workmanship is by far one of the best in the industry. Because we have such great confidence in our product, we are able to offer you one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Heatmor is the only company in the industry who provides onsite service to your unit. The key to researching warranties is reading the fine print. Please click on the warranty to the right for a larger view.

Burn Unseasoned Wood
Unseasoned Wood

The only boiler on the market that allows you the ability to burn unseasoned wood!

Large Ash Auger System
Large Ash Auger System

Ash Auger Chamber & Cast Iron Grates in the firebox provide efficient combustion that burns wood into a find ash providing for easy ash removal.

Utilizing Firebrick

The two-inch thick firebrick allows the fire to reach higher combustion temperatures in order to facilitate a more complete burn.

Strongest Warranty on the Market
Strongest Warranty

Be safe with our limited lifetime warranty! It has proven to be one of the strongest on the market, and assures you will have many great years of wood burning.